Sexual Concerns Are Common Concerns

This week I am attending the annual conference of the Canadian Sex Research Forum, being held in Kelowna, BC.  It's been eight years since I've attended this conference and it feels refreshing to get back into the most recent research being produced by Canadian Sex Researchers.  

One of the things that really sticks out to me is how common sexual concerns are.  When people approach me in a therapy setting, they often feel isolated and/or fearful that there is "something wrong" with them.  But the reality is... sexual concerns don't happen in a vacuum. If you are a human who has been exposed to cultural and societal messages about sex (that's all of us!), then it's likely that you will have a sexual concern at some point in your life.  The media we are exposed to provides conflicting messages about sex and the way it's to be expressed... and quite often the messages we get about the way sex is to be expressed don't necessarily fit with a person's life circumstances.  

Please call us if you are feeling unsettled about a relationship or sexual problem.  We have the science to back up the way we work... and the clinical skills to help you feel heard, understood, and supported.  It's the perfect combination for helping you to figure out the problems that are creating distress in your life.  604.773.3100.