Individual Therapy

in Squamish and Vancouver, BC

Whether you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, and/or a general feeling of not
being happy with your life, individual therapy will help you get to the core
issues that are preventing you from having the life you want. Our counselors
are highly trained and experienced in a number of therapeutic interventions
and are prepared to address most life problems.

Some life problems that are beneficial to address in a counselling setting may include, but are not limited to:

  • Counselling to address life stress.
  • Counselling to address symptoms of anxiety and/or worry.
  • Counselling for greater understanding of your relationships (friendships, partnerships, family, etc.).
  • Counselling to address feelings of depression and/or low mood.
  • Counselling to gain clarity.
  • Sex Therapy to address issues of sexual functioning.
  • Sex Therapy to address unique sexual interests.
  • Sex Therapy to address alternative sexualities.
  • Sex Therapy to understand sexual interests and sexual orientation.
  • Sex Therapy to understand gender expression and gender identity.
  • And so much more...