Counselling often has a stigma associated with it, given the history of how mental health issues have been addressed in our society. The reality is, we ALL struggle with life problems - and anyone can benefit from counselling! It's not something that's just for people who are having a really rough time or are in crisis. The human journey is complex and sometimes the support and/or listening ear of a friend or family member is not enough -- the people close to you may not be "objective" or may not have the skills necessary to help you get deep into an issue.

We all experience periods of sadness, depression, loneliness, worry, anxiety, relational conflict, internal stress …

All of us go through difficult times and transitions in our lives. Just because you are struggling in life and seek out the support of a professional counsellor doesn't' mean you are "weak."  On the contrary… a willingness to genuinely examine yourself takes a lot of courage. 

  • Counselling is for people who are wanting more joy in their lives.
  • Counselling is for people who want more solid and/or intimate relationships.
  • Counselling is for people who want better sex lives.
  • Counselling is for people who want to experience more peace of mind.
  • Counselling is for people who want greater self-awareness.
  • Counselling is for people who are curious about knowing and understanding themselves in greater depth.
  • Counselling is for everyone! 

A counselling process in Vancouver or Squamish, BC can be beneficial to anyone who experiences:

Anxiety / Worry
Emotional Turmoil
Relationship Issues
Curiosity About Why They Do the Things They Do
Family Issues
Sexuality Concerns
Concerns of Sexual Functioning
Communication Problems
Panic Attacks
A Need for Control
Grief / Loss
Parenting Concerns
Problematic Use of Drugs / Alcohol

This list can go on and on...

Give us a call today if you'd like to explore yourself and your unique way of being in the world!