Many people are of the assumption that counselling is about getting advice from a therapist.  Though there are some counselors who may utilize this approach, at The Shanti Counselling Centre we are of the belief that making a decision about a life problem is not as easy as advice-giving.  How many people, including friends and family, have told you what to do about a life problem?  Much of the advice given from our friends and families is good advice, and yet people don't often act on it.  Why?

People often don’t act on advice because life problems typically involve inner conflict of some sort. Our therapists are trained in helping you get clear about the various conflicts happening within you. As a person develops awareness regarding the internal conflict (e.g. conflicting values, conflicting desires, etc.), they are able to see their life circumstances with greater clarity... Ultimately helping the individual to make clear choices with consciousness and intention.

Counselling is about an exploration of thoughts, feelings, patterns, and behaviours. And how all of these aspects come together to create a unique situation.

Are you ready to gain clarity about the unique aspects of your life situation?  If so, please call or email us to get your process started!