Finding a good “fit” with a counselor can be a difficult task.  When
discussing vulnerable issues, it is imperative that you feel comfortable
with your therapist.  To account for this, The Shanti Counselling Centre is
pleased to provide a half-priced initial session to give you the opportunity
to meet with a therapist to determine the “goodness of fit,” without a huge financial commitment. 

To meet the financial needs of clients from all walks of life, we are
pleased to offer various fee schedules based on education and experience.

Rates are listed below.

Counselling Services 


Masters-level Clinical Counsellor ­            $126/hr (including GST)

Doctoral-level Therapist                            $175/hr (including GST)

If you are experiencing financial challenges, we are happy to set up a payment plan that accommodates your financial situation. The services of Registered Clinical Counsellors and/or Psychologists are often covered by Extended Health plans.  Please ask us for more information on how to take advantage of your Benefits package.

* We accept payment by cash, cheque, and/or email money transfer.  If finances are an issue, each therapist will work with you to negotiate a “win-win” situation.