Sex Therapy

The average counsellor and/or psychologist has less than 10 hours of education around issues related to human sexuality and this education is often limited to basic human anatomy and functioning.  When discussing issues related to sex and sexual functioning, it is imperative that a therapist has the proper training.  Our society is bombarded with mixed messages about sex - messages that are often negative and/or confusing.  A therapist who hasn’t had proper training can inadvertently do harm, simply because they are unaware of the biases and sex-negative attitudes that they possess.  Dr. Daniele Doucet holds a specialized PhD in Human Sexuality -- a rare education to have in Canada!  With hundreds of hours of training in human sexuality, she is equipped with the skills necessary to help you through the struggles you may be facing, sexually.  These issues may include, but are not limited to:

  • Sex Therapy to address issues of sexual functioning.
  • Sex Therapy to address sexual pain.
  • Sex Therapy to help with lack of sexual desire.
  • Sex Therapy to help resolve distress related to unique sexual preferences.
  • Sex Therapy to help with problematic sexual behaviours (e.g. compulsive use of pornography).
  • Sex Therapy to help resolve confusion about the sexual preferences of someone you love.
  • Sex Therapy to help address sexual issues associated with disability, accidents, and/or traumatic experiences.