Welcome to the Shanti Counselling Centre!

At Shanti, we believe in holistic wellness. This means that we recognize the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. The therapeutic interventions that we use focus on the inner workings of the mind, which directly impact one’s physical and spiritual health. Because our mission is to promote holistic wellness, we actively collaborate with other professionals in the community to ensure that clients have the resources needed to pursue optimal wellbeing.

At Shanti, based out of Vancouver and Squamish, BC, we believe that every human is on a journey toward optimal living and wellbeing.  We also understand that everyone faces unique obstacles, from time-to-time, that interfere with their natural ability to manage emotions and/or solve problems. Our aim is to help clients find their innate ability to manage their emotions & relationships, and ignite their problem-solving abilities.

We invite you to look over our website to discern, for yourself, if The Shanti Counselling Centre may be of help to you on your journey.

What is counselling?

Many people are of the assumption that counselling is about getting advice from a therapist.  Though there are some counselors who may utilize this approach, at The Shanti Counselling Centre we are of the belief that making a decision about a life problem is not as easy as advice-giving.  

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Who needs it?

We all struggle with life problems  and anyone can benefit from counselling. The human journey is complex and sometimes the support and/or listening ear of a friend or family member is not enough -- the people close to you may not be "objective" or may not have the skills necessary to help you get deep into an issue.

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