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 Sexuality is an important part of life, as are intimate connections with romantic partners. Some of the most challenging problems in relationships stem from issues related to sex and sexuality. While sexual intimacy can feel natural and easy at times, it can also feel like one of the most discouraging areas in a relationship. At one time or another, almost everyone has struggled with challenges related to sex and/or sexuality.

 If you relate to any of the following, Sex Therapy services in Vancouver may be helpful to you:

  • You’re challenged to communicate well
  • You don’t enjoy your partner’s company anymore
  • It feels like you live a separate life from your partner
  • One or both of you feel empty, distant, or stuck in a rut
  • One or both of you has a sexual problem

Sex Therapy Vancouver

Shanti Wellness Centre is a counselling clinic that specializes in Sex Therapy in Vancouver. Our therapists are extensively trained and experienced in working within the context of romantic partnerships and family relationships, including alternative relationship structures. We have specialized training and experience working with polyamorous (and other non-monogamous) communities, as well as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and/or queer communities.

 Challenges related to sex and sexuality are often connected to many inter-related and overlapping issues, such as sexual shame, problematic relationship dynamics, fear of intimacy, a history of trauma or abuse, and/or physical challenges. People often find resolution with these issues when they are addressed in a safe environment with a skilled professional.

 Some relational issues that are beneficial to address in Sex Therapy  may include, but are not limited to:

  • Issues of sexual functioning
  • Lack of sexual desire and/or desire discrepancies in partnership
  • Challenges around unique sexual interests
  • Gender identity and/or expression
  • Sexual challenges associated with disability, accidents, and/or the aftermath of trauma

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